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"I have extremely sensitive skin with eczema and your products have been the best for my skin - I have tried many and there is no match! Usually I would need to moisturise every few hours but with Time it! I only have to use it once in the morning and once before bed. I love it!"


"I have never felt anything quite like the Vitaserum ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my skin literally feels like silk after using it"


"I suffer from vitilago and only use mineralline products"


"My Fav product is the Pomegranate scrub .. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling good as well"


"Love Time it range so much"


"I found that Mineraline Nail hardener a life savior, my nails were a total disaster before using it"


"Love Time it range! Been using the serum and it works wonders. Planning to get the full range."


"Shea Body Butter: Its all about how soft and smooth it leaves your skin feeling 😍 i simply love it"


"Been using it for 3 years ... the results are remarkable
At 45 I hardly have wrinkles"


"Using The Vitaserum for 5 years and the results are awesome"


"Best scrub I've come across all year, I've been hyping it up because I just couldn't believe how soft and moisturized my skin was after I used it on my body. Definetly a must have"


"So 4 weeks ago I decided to include a serum in my skincare routine because my skin was starting to be dry and flaky due to season change. I opted for a product that us enriched with Vitamin C and one that suitable for all skin types.

I wouldnt regret choosing Mineraline. My skin is GLOWING!!!"